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This community is for people who want an outlet for their pain through poems or short peices of writing. Photography or other forms of art are also welcome, as long as they express emotion. Random pics are not appreciated. This is a safe place for people to share their feelings. I started this community as I often use poetry to get through my pain. Now I want to help others, as I have had people help me. You are welcome to post pomes/writings that others have written. There are a few simple rules:
If the content of your writing has adult content, try and put it behind an lj cut.
Swearing is allowed in moderation as a form of self-expression.
If your poem includes, masochistic/sadistic thoughts, SI, or anything like that, put it behind an lj cut
If using somebody else's writings, give them credit.
There is enough pain in the world without adding to it so please don't insult one another.
Other than that, anything is acceptable, and will be accepted. Welcome.